Tony Robbins: Build a growth mindset

One of the most important traits of creative people is open-mindedness. This means that you are curious about others and believe that you can learn from them. You have a growth mindset – you’re willing to do the work to master new skills and take your life and your creativity to a higher level.

Learning how to increase creativity isn’t just a task for writers and artists – all business owners need this skill. As Tony says, “If you’re not growing, you’re dying,” and creativity plays a role in business growth. One study found that companies that actively cultivate creativity have faster revenue growth and are more likely to be market leaders. But why?

Constant strategic innovation is one of the Seven Forces of Business Mastery – and creativity is vital. It’s what will allow you to differentiate yourself from your competitors. It’s your X-factor: the thing that adds more value to the marketplace than your competition and creates raving fan customers.

Jay Abraham, says, “If you have competitors selling similar products to yours, you have to do something different.” Most companies are going to have these competitors, but in order to stand out in a crowded world you need to get creative. Take something you’re already doing, put a little more thought into it and turn it into something great. It takes time, but discovering how to improve creativity will have a massive impact on your business.

The secrets of how to improve creativity don’t belong only to poets and painters. Anyone can take steps to improve creativity and solve even the toughest business problems. The time to start is now.


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