So what is creativity?

As I have mentioned before, I always though that you are either creative or you are not. You are born with it or without it. I always thought that I was more of a practical kinda guy. Until my wife told me how creative I was. I really didn’t understand why she that. She told me that I always managed to find a solution to things no matter how hard or weird they are. That actually made me think. A lot…

Our understanding of creativity is that we are able to sculpt beautiful statues, draw amazing pictures, create the most technical contraptions. But the fact is that we are all creative in our own way and in our own field. You are creative. I am creative. We are all creative.

So why is it that we are not always able to tap into that creativeness? And why are we not able to apply this to everything?

To be honest, I don’t have the answer to that (yet). However I do believe we are able to create creativity and that is where this website comes in.

But to come back to the question, what is creativity?

Basically what I have learned is that creativity is not about coming up with “original” ideas, it is about trying new things and applying those idea’s to other circumstances, situations and/or area’s. It is about applying unconventional idea’s on common challenges.

Example: The table is wobbly.

Solution: Sanddown all the table legs so the are level with the ground

Creative solution: Use a glass coaster on the crucked table leg to stop the wobbling.

Creative solution #2: Apply pressure on the opposite table leg to prevent the wobbling to take place again.

Creative solution #3: Remove the 4th leg of the table and position the 3rd in such a way you have a tripod table so wobbling can every take place again.

This actually is a silly but fun excersice to do but I hope I got the point across. In later articles I will elaborate more on this with examples but for now expose yourself to new things and learn. This will help you apply these ideas to challenges you might encounter.

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